The Real Biggest Selling Singles

I came across a Yahoo! article titled “Biggest Selling Singles in the United States.” I’m a music fan, so I checked out the list. What do you think about these titles:

1. A Little Less Conversation – Elvis Presley

2. Here Without You – 3 Doors Down

3. Another One Bites The Dust – Queen

4. Apologize – Timbaland

5. (Everything I Do) I Do It For You – Bryan Adams

6. Hey Jude – The Beatles*

7. Hound Dog/Don’t Be Cruel – Elvis Presley

8. I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston

9. Let’s Get It On – Marvin Gaye

10. Low – Flo Rida

11. Macarena – Los del Rio

12. Ridin’ –  Chamillionaire

13. We Are The World – USA For Africa**

14. Whoomp There It Is – Tag Team (Source)

Flo Rida and Three Doors Down? Really? No. Well, I got to wondering what sorts of “best sellers” would go on my list. This will not be based on statistics or research.

My number one pick is “My Boo” by Ghost Town DJs, and if you disagree with me on this, you’re a liar. With lyrics like “if your game is on/give me a call boo/if your lovings strong gotta give my all to you,” how can you go wrong? “Shawty Swing My Way” is a definite runner-up. As a matter of fact, I need to add that to my workout playlist.

Take a break from reading sometimes, ya’ll.


8 thoughts on “The Real Biggest Selling Singles

  1. Did you know you can put an Amazon Book Store Associate link on your blog – like a little store? You can earn modest $$ from the sale of books. I don’t know if your’e interested in that kidn of thing, but I just learned about it. Also, sadly, my most unpopular post was a recent list of books I read. Very little feedback. Do you think peeps don’t read anymore? Maybe all my readers only read blogs. =(


  2. My boo and shawty swing my way are to of my favorites.I actally disected the “meaning” behind swing my way for an English project in high school. I got an A


  3. Jen, I did that Amazon thing before and made little to no money. I received more annoying emails than anything else. I might reconsider it since you mentioned it.

    ReRe, so what does “swing my way” really mean? I assume it has something to do with sex.

    Strength, what else is on your workout playlist? We should talk.


  4. I have individual songs in my workout playlist. The Pussycat Dolls’ ‘Don’t Cha’, ‘Buttons’, Lil’ Wayne’s ‘Duffle Bag Boy’, Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’, Common’s ‘Real People’, etc etc etc. However, my personal workout fav is Nikka Costa’s ‘Hope It Felt Good.’ LOVES IT! There’s more, but that’s all I can think of at the moment.


  5. im late on the comment for this all i know but i had to jump off from lurker status today for that bit of wonderful randomosity.
    i LOVE those two songs and one always makes me think of the other.
    thanks for reminding me of fun youg summers –
    love your blog!


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